Day two; or, a plan for accurate self-evaluation

I suck.

Okay, that’s not true.  (At least not all of the time.)

I’m brilliant?

I’ve made too many boneheaded plays for that to be strictly true.

Sometimes I’m good, sometimes I’m bad.  Sometimes I’m great, sometimes I’m terrible.  I am generally more good than bad, because I do win over the long term, but I make lots of mistakes and I want to cut down on them.

I just feel like I’m going to have to be honest about assessing my play going forward.  I feel like posting my hands here where I either had difficult decisions or played big pots will, by definition, force me to be honest about my play, since I’m going to have to be accountable to whatever readership I have, even if I am posting anonymously and not actively trying to build a readership.

To that end, my goal for posting each day I play is: Post the hand I think I played the best (or particularly well) that day; post the hand I think I played the worst.  Post the biggest pot I won.  Post the biggest pot I lost.  (I had one more pairing here, but I forgot it.  I had some other ideas, though– a pot I thought I played too passively, and a pot I thought I played too aggressively.  Etc.)

I haven’t played in a few days, but I’m feeling okay about that decision.  I’ve been putting together a structure to give myself the best chance to succeed.

Day one: Starting this blog and admitting some things to myself about how I’ve been playing lately, as well as outlining some basics about what I want to do.

Day two: Post a plan for honest analysis of my play.

Day three: Reconnecting with people I know in the game.  This will involve both talking to peers I haven’t spoken to in a while about strategy (both at and away from the tables) as well as reconnecting with people who might be interested in backing me in live tournaments, my best game.  I’ll post more on that tomorrow,

Day four: Devise a structure for playing, with times, games, and length of sessions planned out.  I feel that this will help me make more efficient use of my time, as I can commit fully to playing on the days and at the times I plan to play, and I can fully enjoy my free time knowing I have played at the times I have planned and having faith in my schedule.

A lot of this I’m kind of coming up with on the fly.  I think this is a pretty good start, though.  I’ll post more as I think of more.


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