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One more thing about playing poker that I often forget

HAVE FUN. Part of the reason I play is that it’s enjoyable to play!  Even if I admit to myself that the biggest reason I play is the independent lifestyle it allows me to leave, I still have fun in … Continue reading

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Why *should* Obama be worried about his base?

What are we going to do, let them vote in someone like Mike Huckabee or Sarah Palin? Jesus Christ, I don’t want anyone to have their finger on the button who might think God might tell them one day that … Continue reading

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Day two; or, a plan for accurate self-evaluation

I suck. Okay, that’s not true.  (At least not all of the time.) I’m brilliant? I’ve made too many boneheaded plays for that to be strictly true. Sometimes I’m good, sometimes I’m bad.  Sometimes I’m great, sometimes I’m terrible.  I … Continue reading

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Day one; or, the player vents his frustrations and works on his mission statement

I’ve been supporting myself as a poker player for nigh on six years now.  I’ve been through rich times where I was bringing in five figures a month easily; I’ve been through downtimes where I lost more money in a … Continue reading

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